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02/19/2016 10:24 AM EST

Wish you were still sleeping? A crescent moon rises over snowy marshes and the last rays of an orange-pink sunset at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Located along the coast of Delaware, Bombay Hook protects one of the largest remaining expanses of tidal salt marsh in the mid-Atlantic region. Photo courtesy of Tim Williams.

02/19/2016 10:12 AM EST

For a short time in February – if the conditions are perfect – Horsetail Fall at Yosemite National Park in California looks like lava falling down the side of El Capitan. Visitors flock to the park every year to see this phenomenon, which happens when sunset hits the waterfall at just the right angle, illuminating the water in brilliant reds and oranges. It’s a spectacular sight reminiscent of Yosemite’s historic Firefall! Photo from February 13 courtesy of Jason Shaw.