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10/25/2016 10:21 AM EDT

A little brown bat by Ann Froschauer, USFWS.

A colony of bats exit Bracken Cave in Texas. Photo by by Ann Froschauer, USFWS.

The Townsend’s big-eared bat by Ann Froschauer, USFWS.

California leaf-nosed bats by Kristen Lalumiere, National Park Service.

A colony of bats by Alan Cressler, USGS.

We’re batty about bats!  /\^._.^/

Called creepy, scary and spooky, bats often get a bad rap. These little creatures are an important species that impact our daily lives in ways we might not even realize – from pollinating our favorite fruits to eating pesky insects to inspiring medical marvels. We’re celebrating Bat Week and the heroes of the night with 13 awesome bat facts (and amazing photos):

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