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03/16/2014 10:43 AM EDT


On The Heels of Point Arena-Stornetta Public Land Designation, BLM Wilderness Specialist Bob Wick and Stunning Photos Featured in CBS Story and Slideshow!

On Wednesday, March 12th, national leaders and community residents alike gathered along the California coast to celebrate the designation of Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands. They gathered to celebrate their years of partnership and conservation of the area, and they gathered to celebrate their collective role in protecting the area for years to come. 

But after the speeches and the performances and the stories, Bureau of Land Management Wilderness Specialist Bob Wick did what he does best. In the quiet of the coastal night, Bob snapped another shot, pictured above, of the amazing lands that he loves and has spent his career protecting. 

If you follow BLM’s My Public Lands Tumblr, Bob’s photos are like a family photo album. Through them, we travel to national monuments and ghost towns and remote wilderness areas that we may never visit, but know well, through the eyes and lens of Bob Wick. 

On March 12, Bob had multiple reasons to celebrate. He joined his BLM colleagues and the California community in celebration of the Point Arena-Stornetta public land designation. And Bob discussed his photography and the beauty and value of our public lands with CBS, who featured his story and photography on the evening news. 

Watch and read the CBS interview with Bob.  And view the CBS slideshow of Bob’s photos — California’s spectacular coast — that, as CBS news writes, “will make you feel like you’re there!”