The Fells Point Historic District- Baltimore

Fells Point Historic District
William Fell, a Quaker, settled and built his first storehouse some time before 1763, an area that later became known as Fells Point. This bustling harbor settlement was incorporated into Baltimore Town, in 1773. The Fells Point Ship Yard produced the first frigate of the Continental Navy, the Virginia, in 1775 and the Constellation in 1797. Between 1784 and 1821, at least 800 ships were built at Fells Points shipyards, with the most famous being the speedy “Baltimore Clippers.” The effectiveness of these ships and the privateers that manned them caused the British to attack Baltimore in 1814, but they were turned away after the battle at Fort McHenry .The Fells Point Historic District is a harborside community that encompasses approximately 75 acres. Predominately 18th- and 19th-century residential, commercial and light industrial buildings, Fells Point also includes antebellum warehouses and some Victorian architecture as well. The district was home to seaman and sailmakers that lived in the small two-story houses as well as prosperous merchants and sea captains that occupied the larger three-story homes. Now a middle-class neighborhood, the residents continue to support the waterfront open market that dates to the 18th century.

Fells Point Historic district is bounded by Aliceanna, Wolfe and Dallas Sts. and the Baltimore harbor. The district is a combination of public and private properties. Visit the Fells Point website for more information.

Admiral Fell Inn, within Fells Point Historic District, is a Historic Hotels of America member, a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

[rotating photos] Rotating Images of Fells Point Historic District, Photos by Shannon Bell, Jeff Joeckel, Theresa Page, Rustin Quaide, National Register of Historic Places