The Johns Hopkins Hospital Complex,Baltimore

Johns Hopkins Hospital Complex
Johns Hopkins (1795-1873), prominent Baltimore merchant and banker, amassed a seven million dollar fortune during his lifetime. The philanthropic bachelor decided to divide his money between a hospital and a university after his death. The committee formed to execute this charitable giving sought the help of Dr. John S. Billings the foremost expert on hospitals. He recommended a plan that included a central garden, a series of one-story pavilion wards and two pay wards. In addition to these design elements, Billings advocated extensive ventilation and heating systems because at that time it was supposed that hospital air spread disease.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Complex, built in phases between 1877 and 1889, was designed by John Niernsee and Cabot & Chandler. It contains three brick, sandstone, and terra-cotta buildings– the Administration, Marburg and Wilmer Buildings. The Queen Anne buildings feature large chimneys, Turret-like projections and dormered roofs. The Johns Hopkins Hospital formally opened on May 7, 1889, and gained early recognition through its well-respected staff–doctors Welch, Osler, Halsted, and Kelly.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Complex is located at 601 North Broadway. For more information contact Johns Hopkins’ website. Private; not open to the public.

Johns Hopkins Hospital Complex
Photo by
Jeff Joeckel, National Register of Historic Places