St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Washington DC


St. Mark’s
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St. Mark’s Episcopal Church began in 1867 as a mission of Christ Church, Washington Parish, and met for a time in the Sewall Belmont House at 2nd Street and Constitution Ave. In 1868 the mission organized as a congregation and built a small frame chapel on Beale Terrace between 2nd and 3rd Sts., SE., a site now occupied by the Library of Congress. In June, 1869 the mission was created as Memorial Parish within the Diocese of Maryland. In 1870 the church became St. Mark’s , Memorial Parish, and finally in 1880, St. Mark’s Parish.

In October, 1880 St. Mark’s began acquiring its present site at 3rd and A Sts., SE. The 1868 frame chapel was moved across Third Street and was used by the congregation and by 1888 the congregation had grown enough to begin construction of the present building. Baltimore architect T. Buckler Ghequier was chosen as to design the church and the cornerstone was on September 17, 1888. The north end of the building was completed and opened in time to hold services on February 23, 1889. A passageway was built connecting the frame chapel with the new building and the former was used for a choir room and parish hall. In 1894 the frame chapel was finally demolished and the tower, nave, chancel and the west thirty feet of the parish hall were completed.

St. Mark’s is located at 3rd and A Sts., SE. There is limited accessibility to the public.