Tips for US visa Applicants

The purpose of travel to the United States determines the type of visa that will be issued.  A visitor (or tourist) visa is for short stays for visiting, tourism, or conducting business.  A student visa is issued to those planning to study; an exchange visitor visa is issued to those going on special exchange programs including au-pair programs and summer work programs.  For those wanting to work in the United States, there is an appropriate visa.  It Is Illegal To Work In The United States On A Visitor Visa. If you want to work or study in the U.S., please visit the following pages for information on working and studying in the United States.


The following information is for those applying for a visitor visa.

Many people believe that it is very hard to get an American visa and that we refuse most applicants.  Actually the majority of visa applicants receive a visa.  The visa process is straightforward.  Because business travel and tourism is good for the United States, we want people to be successful when they apply.  The following information is provided to assist you in the application process.

The United States Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) governs the issuance of visas to foreigners wishing to travel to the United States.  The type of visa issued depends on the purpose of the travel.  A tourist visa is for short stays for the purpose of tourism, visiting, or conducting business.

Under the INA, all applicants for tourist visas are considered to be intending immigrants.   To overcome this presumption, applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have strong family, social, and/or economic ties to your country that will compel them to return at the end of their planned stay in the United States.

Tips for Applying:

  1. Make sure the application is complete: The applicant is responsible for the information provided, even if someone else filled it out for him/her.  Applicants should always verify that all the information presented is correct.  False information can lead to the refusal of the visa.  Do not present false or incorrect documents.  Visa fraud (such as false letters of invitation, false employment information or bank certificates, altered passports) is a very serious offense, and can result in permanent ineligibility for a visa.
  2. What documentation to present: There is no list of required documents.  An applicant should present documents that he/she feels will demonstrate his/her reasons for returning to Azerbiajan.  We do look for job letters and/or school letters.   Family ties can also be important.  Please do not submit original birth certificates, marriage certificates, car registration papers or photos.  The Embassy will not be responsible if they are lost.
  3. Be prepared for the brief interview: The consular officer wants to know what the applicant is planning to do in the United States and whether or not he/she will return at the time indicated on the application form.  Tourists should be able to explain clearly and succinctly their reason to visit the U.S., who and what they expect to visit, how long they will stay, and how they can afford the trip.  Business visitors should be able to explain their ongoing relations with the company they will visit and why a visit in person is necessary.